The goal of the Graphic Design Intern position is to assist the Creative Director in developing, designing and implementing both traditional print and digital marketing creative concepts across multiple campaign mediums and channels.

The Digital Division Graphic Design Intern will support internal teams and Digital Division clients in a wide range of digital marketing efforts using visuals to support campaign messaging, brand identity and increase brand relevance. Using best practices in design, the Graphic Design Intern position will support client accounts (including internal agency account needs). The internship will involve supporting and assisting the Creative Director in implementing design projects in partnership with the departments of: account management, social media (paid and organic), and web development.

This position is responsible for assisting in the implementation of creative solutions across both print and digital landscapes as directed by the VP of Client Services, Director of Client Services, Account Managers and Creative Director. Examples of support include:

  • Working in partnership with Creative Director to implement graphic representations (i.e. logos, business card artwork, social media graphics, elements of the website design concepts, blog imagery, mobile first mockups for sales audits, etc.)
  • Develops final files for production and implementation
  • Develop WordPress templates during implementation of content and design. Includes uploading content and imagery based on approved design
  • Builds strong internal team relationships through interaction with Creative Director and with account management, social media and web development
  • Provides design assets to web development when finalized designs are approved for web development
  • Adheres to brand guidelines provided by clients or develops brand guidelines based on supportive provided elements from Creative Director

The Graphic Design Intern will assist internal teams to support clients. A byproduct of working through the web site development phases is learning about the backend functionality of WordPress and DD’s customized theme. DD’s websites are developed predominantly on the WordPress platform. The Graphic Design Intern position will have the opportunity to learn more about the backend of WordPress.

Social Media
Social media involves development of Ads, Posts, Profile Pages and Google Posts. Working with the Social Media Manager and Content team, the Graphic Design Intern will integrate the visual elements to ensure DD develops successful and branded social campaigns for clients. The Graphic Design Intern will work with internal teams to implement the approved design messaging, look and feel and social media concepts that resonate with target audiences.

eNewsletters, Blogs, Press Releases & More
Clients sending out newsletters, ongoing blogs, press releases and other forms of digital communication require imagery and design elements to ensure content is engaging. The Graphic Design Intern will work (under supervision of the Creative Director) hand in hand with Account Managers, Social Media Manager and VP of Client Services to design assets for campaigns within clients’ holistic marketing portfolio.

The sales process at Digital Division involves the discovery exchange with a client using an audit, the development of proposals and client presentations/pitches. The Graphic Design Intern will support the sales cycle with presentation designs as needed and the development of mobile first graphic design elements.


  • Possess a positive outlook and team player attitude
  • Ability to receive coaching and a desire to enhance learning
  • Has a self-starter attitude with motivation
  • Ability to adapt and use different situations, systems and technologies
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work effectively with virtual teams
  • Good listener

Preferred Requirements:

  • Availability now
  • Currently enrolled in college/university
  • Degree focused in Graphic Design, Marketing or related field
  • Strong experience with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Experience in using GSuite and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF, WordPress
  • Work remotely