Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Kansas City.

We hear it all the time: “I’ve been burned by so many SEO companies.” We understand the importance of being accountable for the work we do on your account every month. We believe in accountability through transparency. We grow best when we grow our customers’ visibility on the internet. You can trust that we will give it all to increase your business’ Google ranking.

Through regular meetings and detailed reporting, you will never be in the dark about the search engine optimization your SEO expert at Digital Division is performing for your business and the search engine results they are achieving on your behalf. Learn more about the search engine marketing our SEO team performs for our clients below or call our office for a free consultation.

SEO Professionals

Begin With the Biggest SEO Impact.

Search engine optimization consists of so many different tasks and efforts that it can be difficult to know where to start. At Digital Division, we use the results of your in-depth SEO audit to develop a customized strategic plan designed to provide maximum return on investment (ROI).

Let us put your marketing dollars to work, no matter the size of your budget. We regularly measure the results of your campaign and meet frequently with you to ensure that the data we are realizing matches the results you are experiencing in your business. Site visitors aren’t enough, though. You need conversions, which is why we have a team of SEO experts and content writers who can bring consumers to your website and then convince them that what you’re selling is something they need.

Our team is flexible and can quickly pivot as your company grows and your business needs change. We can always provide you with search engine marketing solutions for your business’ ever changing needs. Our experienced strategists are consistently monitoring your search engine traffic results and planning for your next phase of online growth.

We Choose SEO Analysis Data Over Trends.

You want our brains in your brand because we have the knowledge and experience to increase your organic search results. Search engine optimization is how you get your business in front of potential customers searching for the services you provide. HubSpot conducted a survey in 2018 that found 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing organic online presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Specializing in All Things SEO

Did you know that a study once found that only 4.8% of searchers click into the second page of Google results? Ranking well on the first results page is imperative. If you aren't getting much search traffic at present, it could be because you have few pages showing up on page one. The first page of Google is where you want to be to get traffic to your website and business through your door. In order to do that, you have to write content that includes relevant keywords so your web pages will show up in search algorithms.

From keyword strategy to local search, business directory listings, and more - we’ve got the tools, SEO tactics, and expertise to make sure you’re the business that’s topping the search engine results page (SERP). We can get you to rank in Google, but also in Bing, Yahoo!, and other major search engines. Organic search traffic is vital to your business, and it can be a lot cheaper to get customers to your website through organic search than to pay for digital ads.

Our SEO strategy includes assessing the performance of technical SEO on your website, content, local listings, and link profiles compared to competitors. Then we develop a marketing plan to implement the search engine ranking efforts that will make the biggest difference to put you above your competitors. You want your company’s website to show up in Google’s search results, and we can help get you there.

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SEO Content Writing

When it comes to SEO, online content is king. Our writers know how to incorporate search terms on a homepage, on web pages, in title tags, in blog posts, in anchor text, and more. Having the right amount of well-written, relevant content that utilizes the keywords your customers are going to be searching for is a major factor in how Google ranks your page.

Engagement on your web pages and site also improves your rankings as Google realizes that your site is proving beneficial to internet users. Your pages will receive a rankings boost accordingly. Your content is responsible for keeping people on the page, keeping them engaged, and encouraging them to convert into customers. The SEO basics requires a website full of high-quality content written with relevant keywords, voice search, and conversion in mind.

Your SEO copywriting shows Google you have authority on the subject and you are an industry expert. Those are the pages that are going to show up first in searches. Our in-house team of content writers works collaboratively with our SEO strategists to develop content that delivers results so you can get the traffic you need to build your business. Meta tags and meta descriptions are also important to improve your SEO, and our writers can make sure those also have the relevant keywords needed to improve your page rankings.

Local SEO

If you’ve searched for a product or service on Google, you probably noticed Google’s “Local 3-Pack” at the top of the SERP. The 3-Pack displays a map with markers on the three businesses that Google’s algorithms say most closely match the keyword you searched and the location you searched from. If you’ve found yourself more inclined to choose one of those businesses, you’re not alone.

Those businesses are generally trusted by consumers because they are front and center on the results page. Google has determined their relevance, and those companies will receive the majority of traffic in their industry. If you want to take that highly coveted spot for your company, you need updates made to your site and web pages to improve your local SEO.

It’s so important to have good local SEO - it helps you to rank in the 3-Pack as well as organically for people searching in your location. Our local SEO services use a unique approach for each client to reach your target audience and achieve the best results. We implement many SEO strategies to get you to rank locally, including making on-page changes to increase your relevance to those in your local community.

“On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.” – Duane Forrester

National SEO Marketing

On the other side of the coin from Local SEO is National SEO, which focuses more on ranking for broad keyword terms and keyword phrases versus geographic-specific terms and phrases. Our national SEO strategies can grow your business from coast to coast, regardless of where you are headquartered or whether you are in a niche market or a commercial market. E-Commerce means no one is limited by their geographic location!


Strategizing SEO services for E-Commerce is not much different than other types of SEO work. Keywords and user experience are going to be important ranking factors that will drive customers toward your website. By 2021, global retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion according to a 2018 study by Shopify Plus. In 2020, B2B e-commerce sales are expected to overtake B2C e-commerce sales.


Link Building

Link building is another way you can establish your website as an authority on whatever subject your business deals with. Sites with more high quality backlinks signal to Google that the website is a valuable resource because of so many others referencing it. We know the right way to link build (because trust us, there is a wrong way). We also use internal links effectively to keep customers on your site longer, reducing bounce rate, a factor that can hurt your SEO efforts.

A/B Testing

We’re not satisfied with the status quo. There’s no shortage of tips for SEO, but as a data-driven SEO company, we don’t just take people’s words for anything. We’ve got the tools and expertise to test certain aspects of your website’s SEO strategy so you can know without a doubt what works and what doesn’t. We use tools, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Ahref's Site Explorer to test page SEO factors and other metrics to find out how your site is measuring up to the competition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO focuses on bringing potential customers TO your website through increased search results. Conversion rate optimization focuses on getting those potential customers to either convert into actual customers or to at least perform whatever action is desired on the page in question, such as filling out a form.

Small Business SEO From a Small Business

We are a small business so we understand exactly the trials other small businesses go through.

For all clients, we start with an audit and assessment of their site and their site's content to see where they are performing and where their biggest area of opportunity is. Then we present our plan to them to ensure we align on the plan and goals. We check in regularly to monitor performance and adjust the strategy based on results.

Our goal is not just to rank for valuable keywords, but to drive more leads and grow your business. We work together to understand the goals of the client and set those as our key performance indicators. If I can tell you that you rank #1 for a keyword that is important to you, but your business isn’t growing, then you won’t care.

Transparency. We work with clients to ensure they understand what we are doing for them on a monthly basis, how that is going to improve their organic search performance, and we update them on results.

Organic Search

"Better content is outweighing more content." – Rand Fishkin

Don’t Be the Only One Left Out!

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests businesses spend a full half of their marketing budget on digital marketing in today’s business climate. Of course, you want your own site to dominate the competition in your market, and SEO is the way to do it. But SEO is a complex and challenging undertaking. You may need assistance from an organic SEO company. Want to find out how we can help? We offer a free audit to assess your current performance and go over it with you explaining what we can do to help you get results.


The Search for SEO Help in Kansas City Is Over!

Ready to partner with a local SEO agency to get your business the boost it needs to be successful in the digital age? Digital Division's SEO team has the proven track record to help ensure all the effort being put into your digital online marketing portfolio is working for you while achieving the results you deserve. We know how to use keyword research, great content, SEO testing tools, link-building strategies, and more best practices to get your site to rank and convert when an internet user performs a search query using a search engine.

We can help you get noticed on a mobile device or a desktop because sites today should keep mobile-friendliness in mind as well as remaining friendly to desktop users. We can make sure you rank no matter what internet browser a person is using and ensure you rank well on the different devices internet users are searching on.

For even better results for your business, keep in mind that SEO works best when used in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies, such as social media, website design and development, and digital advertising—all services we also provide.

Partner with an effective and strategic Google SEO company with years of experience in website rank strategies. Contact the best Kansas City SEO agency today!