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You already know that great branding is important. You see large companies that thrive and advertise all over the internet, television, and even on the radio. Their brand is known in every American household, and often in households around the globe. But you are a small business, so how can you get your name out there?

How can you ensure your company’s brand is recognizable, memorable, and sets you above your competitors?

Building a strong brand is one of the most important ways to market your business. It’s how one candle company can thrive while another one withers, even when they are selling comparable products. Learn the secrets to a successful brand strategy below.

Brand Recognition: 6 Reasons a Strong Brand Is Vital to Your Small Business

#1 - Recognized Products Are Trusted Over the Unknown

People don’t like to waste their money on products or services they are unsure of. We all take a chance once in a while, but for the most part, we like to know our money is being put to good use. That’s why we purchase products or services from brands we trust.

For instance, you might think about trying a new soda from a new company—the description of the product sounds delicious. But you aren’t sure you will like it, so you stick with the brand of soda you know and trust. Or you may have never used a pest control company in your life, but you know others who have used a certain brand and had good results. You are more likely to use the brand that others trust.

Good branding sticks with consumers for years. They go back to that brand for products again and again, sometimes even when a similar product would be easier or cheaper for them to obtain. You want your brand to do the same—keep customers coming back for more.

#2 - When Consumers Need Something, They Search by Brand Name

If a consumer needs a specific product and isn’t simply browsing, they usually search for a brand they know the name of.

For instance, if a consumer is shopping online for toys for their children, they may type in a specific brand because the name sticks with them. Another business may have an equally great product, but the brand they know the name of will probably win out because the consumer will type that specific brand’s name into a search.

#3 - You Could Be the Next Must-Have

Sometimes, people buy things just because the items are popular or trendy. They are curious about the product or simply want it because others have it. A strong brand can become a hot item, and supply and demand could grow your business faster than you can keep up with sales.

#4 - Compelling Brands Grow a Small Business Faster

You may have the best thingamajig in Missouri, but getting the word out could be slow if you have poor branding. Even if someone purchases and loves your product, poor branding could make it hard for them to find your product again or share it with others.

For example, let’s say you sell chocolate covered fruit at a farmer’s market. Everyone who buys your fruit loves it and wants to purchase more, but you don’t have good branding, and your customers forget the name of your farm and don’t know where to find your delicious products.

Growing your business can happen faster with eye-catching packaging, snazzy taglines, a memorable name, or a substantial online presence that makes it easy for customers to find you and share your products with their friends and family.

#5 - Easier to Market Your Products

When you have a strong brand, the brand itself becomes a type of marketing material.

For instance, sharing images of your branded products on social media can get out the word about your products and the image holds value. A pretty image of beautiful products can spread far. If you offer services, a catchy tagline or jingle can stick in people’s heads, making them think of your brand when they need your services.

A successful brand can actually become valuable in its own right. Some businesses will buy a company simply to obtain the brand. They know that a brand can be more valuable than the products or services the brand sells.

#6 - More Shareable on Social Media

People love sharing on social media, and they enjoy sharing useful, beautiful, and worthwhile content. If you make your brand engaging, interesting, emotional, or useful, your brand will be shared more online, even if the sharers aren’t buying your products.

How to Build a Brand That Sucks Them In

Now that you know how important a brand is, how do you make yours stand out? Creativity combined with honest hard work will often win out in the end. You must spend the time to get to know your consumer base. Don’t just slap a name onto your company. Think about how every aspect of your brand can work for your business, including your business’s name, packaging, mission, and more.

Who knew that the bag people take home products in would be so important?

Successful businesses know.

The cup you pour your coffee shop’s coffee in is important?

Yep. That cup is a marketing opportunity.

Your business’ name can be confused with someone else’s?

Yes, and this can be devastating to your business success.

Your website, social media accounts, overall digital presence, and printable materials should all have a focused brand that spreads your message and makes your products or services unique and irresistible.

Some vital elements to include in your branding:

  • Messaging that packs an emotional punch
  • Images/content that build a connection
  • Consistency across platforms and marketing endeavors to avoid brand confusion
  • A focused mission or message that is clear to consumers
  • Logos and colors that are distinctive, purposeful, and relevant
  • Creativity in all branding decisions—boring never sells
  • A branded website that becomes the hub of your business world
  • Branding that tells a story
  • Create a whole world for customers to get lost in, not just a product or service
  • Catch them in an instant—people don’t have a lot of time

Branding is not something that every business owner can do well on their own. Some entrepreneurs are best at creating their products or performing a service but may need some assistance with marketing tasks. Marketing professionals can help you with branding your business, but don’t avoid this necessary marketing step altogether or your business’ growth could suffer.


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