Impress Audiences with Professional Videography

Digital Division will work with your company to develop video to tell the story of your business through creative and high-level videography. Whether it is action video, a recruitment video, showcasing machinery, your operational process or creating a human element to your brand, Digtial Division can make every instance come alive through professional videography.

Prior to the shoot, Digital Division finalize a shot list and devise a video script to ensure organization, mission and video objectives are captured. In addition to the raw video, the process includes Digital Division managing the video shoot, producing the video, capturing b-roll, doing interviews, creating graphics, incorporating music and editing video in partnership with you. 

Automotive and Manufacturing Video Content

Professional video is effective for automotive and manufacturing companies in that it helps allow target audiences to see the size, conditions and services - especially highlighting any special process or equipment that sets your brand apart. In addition, Digital Division uses drone equipment to emphasize the larger picture! Let us help you creatively demo your equipment and processes to build a lasting impression of your company's capabilities.  

Kuecker Logistics Group

Sallas Auto Repair

Just Press Play

Video is king online from social media to SEO. Investing in professional videography from Digital Division will build a high-quality content library that will attract new customers and engage your current audience.

Discover Digital Storytelling with Nonprofit Videography

Digital Division works with non-profits to tell their story and advance their mission. Through a combination of interviews, imagery, graphics and music - Digital Division uses professional videography to capture the essence of community impact. Whether it is short form video for social media or a video to share what drives the organization, creating the connection with target audiences can drive donors, corporate sponsors and awareness to your cause. 

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Transformational Outcomes at Shelter KC

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Get Attention with Animated Marketing Videos

Crush your business goals with animated marketing videos to set you apart from the competition! Digital Division works with clients to use the power of animated videos to market jobs as well as explain brand differentiators. Engage your target audiences emotionally and convincingly with effective animated marketing videos. 

Genesh, Inc. - Royalty

The Road, Inc. - Friendshift

Videography and Animation That Inspires Action

Create inspiration and awareness through videography and animation. At Digital Division we help develop videography to meet company goals, reach a wider audience, improve brand recognition, and bring your company’s story to life. Let us help strengten relationships with your target audiences and showcase client testimonials, assist with fundraising or even help recruit the next great employee. Contact us today!