If you’re wondering whether social media marketing is worth your time, the answer is, “Definitely!” Social media is an effective way to gain trust among existing customers and gain new ones, simply because so many people spend time on social media daily. 

Think about it: if someone is in casual socialization mode, they may be more likely to be receptive to your message, ad, or social media post, simply because their guard is down and they’re in a good mood.

Here are a few more good reasons to market your business via social media:

Generate More Traffic to Your Site

One of the best ways to improve site traffic for your latest blog posts is to share blog posts on social media. It’s a great way to start a conversation amongst friends and family, and you can also experiment with taking polls, posting quizzes, and hosting periodic caption contests with new inventive photos of your products or services pictured each week.

More Opportunities to Tell Your Story

People love a good story, and what better reason to draw people to your blog than to have a good story to tell? Do it through vivid photos and videos, real-life dilemmas, and everyday acts of heroism. And make your products and services part of the solution. Everyone loves a hero, after all. But we want new, different types of heroes with new, different kinds of stories to tell.

Try to tell stories your customers can relate to, as well as empathize with, in order to get people to want to tell their own stories through your products and services. There’s nothing like the fear of missing out (FOMO) for generating interest in a brand or idea.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to understand other people is to ask questions and then practice the art of close listening. What is close listening? It means to not only listen but to really hear someone: what someone truly thinks and wants, what they value, and what makes them angry or uncomfortable.

Many people lack the ability to truly hear someone else. They think they’re listening, but then they only hear what they want to hear, rather than what someone actually means. Sometimes it’s necessary to read between the proverbial lines in order to truly understand the nuances of another person’s intentions.

In customer service, close listening means not only registering comprehension of what is wrong but also going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver results that fulfill a customer’s true needs and values.

Gain Trust Through Word-of-Mouth

Many people rely on their social network for recommendations related to all kinds of goods and services. In fact, according to Forbes, 81 percent of people agree that social media posts from their friends influence their purchasing decisions.

Other forms of social media word-of-mouth advertising include sites like Yelp and Next Door, where users can post reviews of their favorite goods and services, as well as gain a sense of what types of restaurants or neighborhood hangouts are popular among friends and neighbors. Therefore, if you own a small local business, it’s definitely worthwhile to solicit honest reviews from your customers to share on social sites, as it’s sure to boost your ratings and gain valuable online exposure, as well.

Social Media Improves Your Brand Authority

There’s a strange but true fact about the marketing world: the more people have heard about a certain brand or company, the more likely they are to trust it. Therefore, the simple fact of recognition can improve a brand’s reputation, merely as a result of being familiar.

According to Hubspot, brand awareness creates an association, which therefore also encourages trust and increases the likelihood of a person unconsciously preferring one brand over another. Therefore, in social media marketing terms, the more often a brand or company name shows up in one’s social media feed, the more authoritative it becomes, by default.

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