Covid-19 has impacted businesses of all types, but small businesses have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Uncertainty abounds, and many businesses worry about spending money on PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in these strange economic times.

Despite the difficulties small businesses are experiencing, creativity can still help your business succeed. You need to be imaginative to find ways to continue to grow your business even with the challenges Covid-19 poses. You may even be able to bring in new business using paid search online advertising. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of PPC, even during Covid-19.

Tips for Using PPC to Grow Your Business

Paid search is a method of reaching people. You can use it to your advantage. People are stuck at home, and the main way to reach them is through the Internet. PPC campaigns are effective tools that can be used more than ever to tell cooped-up people about all the things your company has to offer.

Be Creative

Use your imagination to find ways to use your business’s resources to keep your business alive during shutdowns and economic hardship. People still need things, but they are going to prioritize certain products or services over others.

Examine your business to find out what you have to offer people during a pandemic, then you can create PPC ads that share the resources you have with the people who may need them.

For example, if your business is in the food industry, how can you help people who may need to stock their pantries? Many restaurants have found ways to package their food to be used at homes instead of at restaurants. These restaurants can then put out ads that tell people where they can pick up “food packages.”

Capitalize on the Times

Some businesses will actually perform better during a pandemic. For example, a food delivery service or eCommerce store may actually get a boost during this time. These businesses should use PPC to maximize profits by using targeted ads for products people are desperate to get their hands on.

Big box stores don’t have to get all the pie. You can get a chunk of it if enough people know that you have goods they want—and you deliver. Use paid search advertising to get the message out to your community. You can grow and profit, even during a pandemic, if you think strategically and take fast action.

Some products are in high demand, such as masks, hand sanitizer, or personal care products, and you may have these in abundance. You will need to get the word out, and PPC advertising is probably the best way to do it.

Digital Advertising Across Platforms

Because people use the internet to connect in just about every way, you need to be advertising your business across the different digital marketing channels. For instance, you can use Google ads, and you can reach your target audience on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Best practices in advertising are to not put all of your money in one place. Try different advertising campaigns and platforms and then focus in on the ones that are working best.

Raise Brand Awareness

Let’s face it—most people are spending a lot of time at home. They work from home, and they live on the internet. Now may be the time to boost your brand by spending a lot of time online as well as connecting with people. Using social media and PPC ads, you could set yourself up to thrive even once the pandemic is over.

There is always a good side to every dilemma. This one may help you raise your online profile, which could be beneficial for your company for many years to come.

Get Help With PPC Advertising From a Digital Marketing Agency

In these uncertain times, spending money on advertising may seem counterintuitive. But you need to tell people about your business in all times, and especially when people are sitting at home, unable to go out and stumble upon your business like they normally would. The impact of Covid-19 doesn’t have to be catastrophic. Smart businesses always have to be ready to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to run a successful paid search campaign or in your other marketing efforts, you can get help from the digital marketing team at Digital Division. We offer PPC management services, and we can help you toot your horn, spread the word, and reach the customers you need to stay afloat during an economic downturn. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we help local businesses thrive, even during Covid-19.