Monthly Budgets for PPC Campaigns

Since the inception of Google Ads, PPC managers have longed for the ability to provide a monthly budget rather than a daily budget. A daily budget assumes that clients are running seven days a week, which is not always optimal for clients with smaller budgets.

Google appears to be implementing monthly budgets for PPC campaigns on Google Ads in the near future. This long-awaited improvement will be a welcomed changed for PPC managers. In managing our accounts, Digital Division noticed this month that an option appeared in the budget field for selecting a daily or monthly budget for the PPC campaign.

So What’s the Big Deal?

If you work in PPC management, you are likely all too familiar with the headaches that come from trying to juggle your client’s PPC needs within the reach of their daily budget, without overspending. For years the daily budget was the only option available. With the current billing system, getting around the Google calculation of daily spend x 30.4 could be tricky and time-consuming.

screenshot showing monthly budget option on Google Ads

No Set Date for Rollout

According to our sources at Google, monthly budgets for PPC management could be implemented in the upcoming months across the accounts. As far as specifics on when the rollout might be happening or what their process will be for it, that’s still up in the air. From our perspective, this improvement can’t happen soon enough.