Taking Your Business Online With Intention

Covid-19 has presented challenges that were unforeseen to every industry and size of business. Companies have suffered while regular patrons and infrequent customers are being forced to remain socially distant. This year, the United States will peak at a 25% unemployment rate, the highest since the Great Depression, putting an even bigger financial burden on the country and completely unraveling the “normal” way of doing business.

While many companies have the fortune of being open during the crisis, the financial toll is still dire and forcing owners to consider new strategies, largely in the digital space. At Digital Division, we believe there has never been a better time to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to reach your customers and be found when someone is searching for you and services within your industry.

What is SEO?

If you’re not familiar with SEO and its strategy, it allows content from your website to be found on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In short, search engines gather information from millions of websites and present you with what is most relevant when you search for a term. The quality of a website and the information on it, increase its potential to be presented to you. There are many other contributing factors to a website’s SEO strength, and Digital Division’s expert team of SEO strategists are dedicated to helping you understand each aspect, how to improve it, and where to prioritize your spending for the greatest ROI.

Why it Matters More Right Now

Whether your business is closed, open, or operating under different hours than normal due to Covid-19, SEO is a valuable tool that helps communicate your status and how you are modifying service delivery or online purchasing. If you’re a retailer that has been forced to shift your sales online, SEO can serve as a sales vehicle and ensure product promotions are seen and result in customer engagement.

Pandemics create scarcity. One Washington Post article explained that Covid-19 will lead to the permanent closure of more than 100,000 American small businesses--many of them, presumably, offering the same or similar services as your business. People will search for these services, and implementing an SEO strategy will increase your chance to be found.

Set Your Business Up for Success

As businesses struggle, search traffic is down in most industries, with the exception of finance, food, and healthcare. Across the board, conversion growth is also decreasing, again with food and healthcare as exceptions. However, after each downturn, the economy bounces back and customers are ready to spend. You can maintain or build up your customer base to be in the best position going forward because you’ve implemented an SEO strategy and your business is ahead of the curve. We believe investing in SEO now will prove to be timely in helping your business lead to future growth.

Digital Division - the SEO Experts

Digital Division has more than a decade of digital online marketing experience and SEO expertise. Contact our team for an audit of your digital marketing efforts. We will review your account with you, via video conference, and help you better understand the benefits that a holistic SEO strategy can provide your business. We pride ourselves on being a valuable partner in your continued growth and success and look forward to helping you achieve your objectives!