What is Geofencing and Why Should You Care?

Geofencing is a powerful tool that uses the physical location of the customer’s mobile device to interact with the target audience through mobile ads. The results are then tracked with conversion zones, letting businesses see the effectiveness of their display ads and monitor high-conversion areas based on physical activities in specific locations that happen in real-time.

Targeting The Right People

Geofencing allows you to target the right potential customers based on their location by setting up a virtual perimeter. It’s perfect for brick-and-mortar locations, retail stores, or small businesses that service a specific geographic area. With geofencing, business owners are able to show their ads to people in the area they serve, rather than those that aren’t.

Higher Engagement & Better ROI

Because a geofencing campaign allows you to target a specific audience in your area, your ads will start to see more engagement. This is because people who are not in your area are less likely to interact with a Google ad that isn’t relevant to them. The more relevant the ad, the higher chances of engagement.

Not only does geofencing marketing improve your ad engagement, but it also helps your return on investment. Since you are targeting the right audience they are more likely to make a purchase from you since you are relevant to them location-wise.

Will Google’s New Targeting Rules Affect Your PPC Campaign

Geofencing uses the internet to target your ideal customer whenever they are looking for you - their ideal vendor.

Personalized Ads

One of the best things about geofencing is the ability to personalize your ads to specific areas. This only further improves your ad engagement and ROI. You’re able to make your creative for your advertising campaigns specific to a geographic location. For example, if you want to show a photo of the store that is the closest to their area, you can do that. Or maybe you want to include the town name in an ad for a specific zip code, you can do that. You could also include information on a specific event that is relevant to their area. There are a ton of ways to personalize your ad thanks to geofencing.

Insight on Competitors

Another benefit to Geofencing is the ability to know who is also advertising in your location for specific keywords. By knowing and bidding against them for ad space, you now have an idea of who your competitors are, your competitor's locations, and if there are any in your area. Knowing more about your competitors will help your bidding strategies.

How to Take Advantage of Geofencing

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