Tips for Combining Brand Voice With SEO Strategy

There are so many things to consider when communicating with your audience online. You want to catch your audience’s attention through interesting content, but you also want to be consistent with your brand’s messaging. You know you need to incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) elements to ensure your website’s pages actually get read. That’s a lot to think about, so how can you do all that and get it right?

Make Sure You Know Your Voice and Message

First, you need to make sure you know your company’s brand voice. Are you a law firm speaking to your audience in a formal, professional tone? Maybe you are a trendy boutique with a casual, fun voice. Figure out your business’s tone of voice, and then be consistent in communications throughout the digital landscape. Whether you are posting on social media, sending out email blasts, or updating your loyal brand followers through a newsletter, make sure you are consistent with your messaging and tone of voice. Then, you can incorporate relevant SEO terms into your content.

Perform Keyword Research

Once you have your brand’s message and voice down, you can begin adding in SEO elements. Perform keyword research to figure out which keywords and phrases you should be incorporating into your well-written content. Look at what your audience is typing into search engines, and scour social media to see what buzzwords are being used in your industry. There are many tools out there to help you find the right keywords to target your audience.

It’s not about having the most keywords in your content. It’s about relevancy, accuracy, and authenticity. Search engines rank pages that they believe are useful and match the searcher’s intent. Make sure your content has all these key ingredients.

Cultivate Partnerships to Raise Your Online Presence

SEO rankings improve when you have a strong SEO strategy that you work on consistently. Your strategy could include guest posting on a regular basis so you can obtain high-quality, natural backlinks from other businesses in your industry. Your strategy may include getting your business into plenty of local online listings. Or maybe you believe your SEO will grow through regular social media postings or through influencer marketing. Partner with others to grow your business online. Just remember, keep your brand’s voice consistent throughout.

Obtain Reviews

Online reviews have become an integral part of SEO strategy. Companies with high-quality reviews tend to rank higher than competitors that don’t have a good number of strong reviews. Reviews can be a hassle to obtain, but you can treat this process like anything else in your business world—as a problem to be solved. How can you get reviews that tell your story, keep your brand’s message consistent, and boost your SEO?

You can make it easy for customers to post reviews by including links to review sites on most of your content. The easier it is for a customer to post a review, the more likely it is they will write one for you. Also, be awesome. If you are an amazing company whose products or services truly improve people’s lives, they will want to write a good review for you! Social media is a great way to motivate people to write reviews, boost your SEO, grow your brand online, and become one of the top companies in your field.

Branding and SEO Help Is Out There

For those who are struggling with branding and SEO, there are digital marketing companies that can help you with these important business goals. Don’t give up, though, because your business’s growth could depend on your ability to develop your brand into a hot commodity and grow your business’s online profile through SEO and other marketing efforts.