Stories Your Being Told About Promoting Your Business

Marketing businesses and brands on the internet can get complicated. Online marketing also changes rapidly, so it can be difficult to keep up with what’s true and what’s a myth. You have probably heard a lot of “facts” about digital marketing, but you may be finding it difficult to find the truth amid the wealth of conflicting information on the internet. We can make it easier for you to sort out the truths from the falsehoods by pointing out a few myths circulating about digital marketing and then explaining why these myths are not true.

6 Myths About Digital Marketing You Should Know About

Here are a few myths that many people believe to be true. Learn the facts, so you can take advantage of all the digital marketing avenues available to you and reap the rewards of successful online marketing.

Email is Obsolete

One myth that a lot of companies believe is that email marketing is dead. Email marketing doesn’t work, they say, as people are inundated with too much spam. It’s true that email marketing is a tough inbox to crack, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Creativity could get your emails opened and converted on where others fail. Also, marketing tends to be cyclical, meaning what worked yesterday may not work today but could work tomorrow. Never write something off entirely. Keep an open mind and a creative spirit, and you could be the business that succeeds at email marketing campaigns.

More Traffic Equals More Revenue

One goal many businesses have is gaining more traffic to their website or online store. But more traffic doesn’t always equal more revenue. You have to bring in the right kind of traffic, and then you have to convince that traffic to convert, buy something, sign up for a service, etc.

It doesn’t necessarily help you to have a million site visitors who don’t buy anything. You need all of the elements to work together to bring in business and revenue. Make sure you are targeting the right audience so when they land on your website, they actually want what you’re selling. Make sure your website is designed to convert your visitors into paying customers.

Retargeting Ads Are an Invasion of Privacy

Some companies think retargeting ads are creepy, following customers around the internet, stalking their every move. But while some may think it’s creepy, it’s also effective. Your company can benefit greatly from extremely targeted marketing, and customers do have options to change their privacy settings. If they really don’t like being marketed to based on their preferences, they can find ways to avoid these ads. Your competitors are likely taking advantage of retargeting ads, so don’t get left behind.

Ads Should Reach as Many People as Possible

Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks really isn’t an effective marketing strategy if it’s a strategy at all. Trying to reach everyone will likely result in your ad reaching no one. You need to target your specific audience in order to get a conversion. If others don’t connect with the ad, make a different ad that targets them.

Cross-Platform Marketing Is Expensive and Unnecessary

If a company is doing well in one marketing space, such as through Instagram ads, they may decide that marketing their goods or services elsewhere is unnecessary and a waste of money. But you have to remember that the marketplace changes, and you don’t ever want to be beholden to only one marketing avenue.

What if something happens that causes your Instagram marketing to dry up? You need to be open to different marketing options and, ideally, use more than one platform. It’s not a good idea to put all of your marketing plans in one basket. Choose a few channels that are working well for your company, and you can expand or downsize your marketing efforts depending on the needs of your business. Marketing is ever-changing, so you will need to adjust to the moment you’re in.

Traditional Marketing Is Dead

Internet marketing is the way to go, they say, and that’s true for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that all traditional marketing spaces are not effective. Mail, billboards, flyers, and in-person marketing should not be discounted. With people spending so much time online these days, they may be craving in-person or offline engagement. You may just be able to reach them more effectively offline. Be creative, and come up with marketing solutions that work for your company.

Marketing Made Easy

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