The Top Social Media Platforms for eCommerce

The digital world has changed dramatically in recent years, but none has transformed so much so quickly as the world of social media. Companies around the world have realized the potential of reaching audiences online on social media and marketing products in a convenient, effective way.

Social media platforms can be a great place to get the word out about your business and advertise your products, but are there some platforms that are better for eCommerce stores than others?

If you are new to social media marketing for eCommerce, here is some information to help you avoid wasting your time on social channels that may not bring you the business you are looking for. Let’s talk about which social media channels are best for eCommerce and what they have to offer.

The Best Social Media for eCommerce Businesses

Your eCommerce business grows best when you can connect your audience with your products in a meaningful way. Because people do so much shopping online these days, they need to be able to find your products online but also see how they work. Your website is a great resource, but social media is how you connect with your audience.

On social media, you can show off your products, demonstrate how they work, and display reviews and testimonials that tell potential customers more about your products and what other people think about them. Social media is one of your greatest marketing assets if you run an eCommerce business.


The top platform for eCommerce is definitely Facebook. This platform is simply too large to ignore, and for that reason alone, you want to be there. You can bet your competitors are on Facebook, so don’t ignore this vital marketing outlet. Facebook also has a wider range of options for advertising than other platforms do. On this platform, you can promote your products using video advertising and images, and you can target your ads in a number of ways. You can also grow your following by posting and sharing great content.


An extremely visual platform, Instagram has changed over the years to include video “reels” and other tools that allow you to truly showcase your products. While Instagram is still small compared to Facebook, this is a beloved platform for visual lovers. If you have products with visual appeal—design, apparel, accessories—your eCommerce store will perform well on Instagram.

Ads are fairly easy to set up and tagging your products is not difficult to learn. Even without using Instagram Ads, you can grow your social media relatively quickly in comparison to other platforms by using favorite hashtags relevant to your products or industry. Instagram is constantly changing, just like many other platforms, so make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and tools.


Pinterest started as a digital bulletin board where people could save ideas and pictures from around the world, but this site has grown into so much more. In addition to being a visual platform perfect for eCommerce stores to display their wares, your audience can now click through to your website and purchase products in a more direct way.

Product pins now have information about your products, such as descriptions of the products and costs. This information is updated when you update your eCommerce website. Pretty nifty.

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