Website Design Trends in 2021

Your website is your digital store or office building, and people tend to judge a business by its cover. If your website is not properly designed, you could lose a lot of potential customers.

Shopping online today is about more than just the products or services you offer—it’s also about the customer’s experience. Especially in a world still feeling aftershocks of a global pandemic, the digital experience is more important than ever. Not everyone can go shopping in stores, so they want to have a unique experience when they shop for goods or services online.

Your website should make your visitors feel a connection with your business and should be easy for them to navigate. It also has to be visually appealing, functional, and compel your visitors to take action.

Your Website Should Feel Like a Cohesive, Fully Developed World

With so many important jobs to do, your website must be well designed for today’s consumers, not for consumers of five years ago or even two years ago. The digital landscape changes faster than almost anything else in this world, and you have to keep up to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Top Website Design Trends of 2021

Below you will find information about the latest website design trends you should know about. You might want to implement some of these design features to keep your website on top.

Playful Effects and Animation

Animation and digital effects make website visitors feel like they are entering an interactive world—a place where they can play, shop, and have a real-world (almost) experience. Implementing visual effects, animations, videos, and other creative interactive elements make your website a place to be rather than just a site to visit.


Social media has been taken over by these endearing little symbols, so why not use these universal and whimsical characters on your website? Everyone already knows what they mean, so using them can help you communicate clearly and quickly on your own website without adding more words. People of all backgrounds and all languages can understand the meaning behind these powerful illustrations. Not to mention, emojis are just fun. Everyone wants more fun in their digital shopping experiences.

Unique Product Photos

With the growth of eCommerce stores, companies have to get creative with product photos if they want to make sales. Creative—and sometimes even jarring—product photos can capture attention, bring out a mood, or speak to a person’s deepest desires. Gone are the days where you could simply take a few clear photos of a product on a white background. Now, you need to come up with truly unique product photos to catch a customer’s wandering eye. Try themed shoots or product photos that tell a story or draw someone into a different time or place.

Create a Mood or Set the Scene

Color trends are constantly changing, but as we mentioned previously, today’s websites have to be more than just pretty and cohesive. They have to create a mood or an experience or feel as though visitors are entering a whole new world. Using color palettes, you can set a mood for visitors the moment they land on your site. You can create a darker mood using deep, dark colors or bring out feelings of lighter days filled with fun and optimism by using playful or light colors on your site. What story can you tell with colors?

Using Text as Art

Text on your website can serve many purposes. It conveys information, tells a story about your business and products, and helps visitors navigate your site using phrases like click here, scroll down, or read this. But text can do so much more than that. Text is art, and you can use it in many ways to convey branding, mission, mood, messaging, and themes.

Fewer Faces

With everyone wearing masks due to the pandemic, many designers have opted to leave out faces on websites altogether. Fewer images of people on sites can mean greater opportunity for visual art, illustrations, unique designs, bold color choices, and general creativity.

Create a Unique Experience for Your Customers

If you need assistance with updating your website for today’s audiences, contact Digital Division. Our designers can create unique designs and website experiences for your customers, helping you grow your business, brand, revenue, and success.