Writing My Website To Drive Business

Every business owner knows that a website is vital to success in the age of the internet. Even the smallest of businesses have a website, a place to point customers for information, purchases, and resources. And what’s the most important thing to have on your website?

High-quality content.

Note that we didn’t say, “a lot of content” or “smart-sounding content” or “content written in sparkly gold lettering.” It must be well-written content that is useful, serves a purpose, and is easy for the average person to understand.

So how do you define “high-quality content,” and how do you know how much content you need? What are the vital elements of website content that can build your business, your brand, and your customer base?

Top Elements of Quality Content for Business Websites

Everyone has a little bit of a different idea as to what elements are vital to include in a website’s content, and every business is unique and will need to tell a different story. But we can give you a good place to start. Described below are the key elements to include in your website’s content.

Homepage Content That Defines Your Purpose

One of the first places people land when visiting your website is the homepage. This page must quickly tell visitors what your business is about. Branding should be included and taglines can be helpful in conveying information rapidly to website visitors.

For example, if your business provides educational services to children, you want your branding and taglines to help visitors understand what services you provide at a glance.

Here are a few key features of a well-written homepage:

  • Make sure your homepage clearly defines your business, products, and services. How much content you need to convey that information is up to you, but concise is usually best.
  • People have short attention spans and they won’t read everything on the page. Break up your content as much as possible so people can digest it quickly and easily. You can use bulleted lists, graphs, images, videos, and infographics to further define your content into an easy-to-digest format.
  • Include your business’s location(s), directions, and contact information on your homepage. Include links to other important website pages.

Include Different Types of Content

Content comes in many forms and is more than just the written words on the website—although those are extremely important. Content also includes videos, photos, images, graphics, infographics, written content, interactive tools, and more. Make sure you take advantage of the various types of content and tools that lend credibility to your content and increase its effectiveness. A few key features of high-quality content:

  • Well written (no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes)
  • Factual (make sure that what you say on your website is correct and updated regularly)
  • Includes internal linking (content should be linked to other useful content throughout the website, so your visitors can move easily throughout your website in an intuitive and logical manner)
  • Value (every piece of content should provide valuable information)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Maximize user experience
  • Answer questions of potential customers
  • Cites sources and links to authoritative websites

Aim Your Content at Your Target Audience

You aren’t going to be able to please everyone all the time, so you should figure out what your ideal website visitor is looking for and go after that category of person.

If your company makes toys for children, who is likely visiting your website? Is it a parent who is shopping for Christmas? A company that makes toys for young children needs to understand that the child is not the one visiting the website or making the toy purchases.

Make sure your content (whether it includes blog posts, landing pages, web pages, or product pages) is targeted toward that ideal audience because it will be more likely to convince potential customers to convert.

Useful Content That Your Audience Needs or Wants

A lot of companies put up information about the company on the website, how the company got started, and other useless information that isn’t really important to the average customer.

For example, a customer doesn’t care what made you go into advertising. They want to know how your advertising company is going to help them with their problems. The sooner your content zeros in on your audience’s needs, the better it will serve your business.

“Useful” content is content that your website visitors can benefit from. Provide information that helps the website visitor solve a problem, find a product or service they want, or help them understand something. Content needs to serve a purpose, not just look or sound pretty. When your content is useful, it’s more likely to:

  • Be shared by people.
  • Be bookmarked for later use.
  • Convert visitors more easily.
  • Get noticed by search engines, increasing your search results.
  • Build your brand’s authority and recognition.
  • Be evergreen, meaning you won’t need new content to replace the articles or web pages or to update them constantly.

Product or Services Descriptions

Most businesses fall under two distinct categories: they either offer products for consumers to purchase or services for consumers to pay for.

For instance, your company may sell candles or sell landscaping services. Your website should clearly define for your visitors what services or goods you are selling and how much they cost. Services can be more difficult to put a price on, but you should try to give estimates when possible. Clearly defining your offerings can help people feel comfortable picking up the phone to call for service or adding a product to the cart.

Don’t use gimmicks to try to trick people because they will remember and never want to use your company again. You can use sales, giveaways, or other draws to get people through the door and coming back for more.

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Website design and development is a complex undertaking, but it is vital to get your website right for your business to succeed. Good content can bring you the business success you are looking for, but you need to create high-quality content first. If you are worried that you don’t have the ability to write original content that will engage visitors and convert them into customers, then you need to find a company that can do that for you.

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