Which Web Listings Are Important for SEO?

Not so long ago, the internet was a new frontier, and finding websites online wasn’t as easy as it is today. In order to find a company, service, or product online, your best chance was to use an online directory. The old-fashioned Yellow Pages books moved online, and that’s one web directory that is still around today.

But like most things, some listings are better than others, and some have more SEO value. For instance, Yellow Pages has been around for such a long time that it has a strong reputation as a quality web directory. For that reason, Google and other search engines still give this directory authority, which can help your website as well.

What are some other web directories that are still important and relevant today? Which ones can help your business’ SEO?

Important Web Directories You Shouldn’t Ignore

Here are the top web listings you still want your business to be a part of because these directories have SEO value.

GBP (Google Business Profile)

Google has its own directory, and it’s important for you to list your business in Google Business Profile if you want to appear on Google’s search engine results pages. This directory is also connected to Google Maps, which helps internet users find local businesses based on vicinity. GBP listings also have reviews and other information about the business, like hours of operation, making the GBP listing a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase visibility on Google.


A Facebook business page helps internet users find your business and learn information about your business, like location, contact details, and opening hours. You can also include images of your business, which can help people find your storefront or learn more about your business, products, or services. Reviews can also be posted on a Facebook business page, lending your business credibility.

Apple Maps

Apple smartphone users who conduct local searches have to go through Apple Maps rather than Google Maps when they use Siri to conduct a search. Because so many people use smartphones to search for business information, you do not want to miss out on listing your business in Apple Maps.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is more than a directory—it’s a place where people go to look up information about a business to find out whether they can trust the services or products offered by that business. The BBB is highly respected, and getting a good reputation is pivotal to your business’ success.

Bing Places

Bing also has a directory similar to Google’s GBP directory called Bing Places. While Bing is not as widely used as Google, you still want to list here as you could reach audiences that more often use Bing for searches. Some parts of the United States are known for choosing Bing over Google, so know your business, your location, and your audience’s habits. When in doubt, it won’t hurt your business to list here if you are unsure.


One highly respected directory is Yelp. This directory got its fame for promoting consumer reviews, allowing potential customers to check out businesses before they engaged with them. Obtaining positive reviews on Yelp can boost your business.

A few more high-quality directories you can use to boost your SEO:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Yellow Pages
  • Nextdoor
  • Angie’s List
  • Foursquare

Best Practices for Web Directory Listings

In order to achieve the best results for your business through web directories and SEO, you should follow a few basic tips.

  • First, avoid adding listings all at one time. You want to space them out. For instance, add a few listings each month for the best results.
  • Second, don’t add your business to every listing out there because some can hurt your business rather than help it. Make sure you are using well-respected directories with good metrics.
  • Third, local directories can be great for local SEO, so make sure you don’t ignore these in favor of national directories.
  • Fourth, treat web directory listings as an extension of your brand. Make sure you keep your branding consistent and write high-quality content and profile information on all listings.

For more information about listing your business in online directories, reach out to Digital Division. We have SEO experts who know exactly which listings can help your business and your industry, and we know which listings not to use. We engage in SEO best practices and keep ahead of the trends in SEO, so we can continue to keep our clients ranking in search engines.